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Upstarts! and Strategic Partnerships

Posted by Donna Fenn on 10/29/09 |

Upstarts! are moving targets and one goal of this blog is to chronicle what’s new among the people in the book as well as in the broader world of young entrepreneurs. As I’ve mentioned many times, one of my favorite characteristics of GenY entrepreneurs is their knack for leveraging all kinds of collaboration to grow their companies. For instance, this generation is particularly skilled at creating strategic partnerships.  I think of Tom Szaky of TerraCycle  and the game-changing partnership he forged with big packaged goods companies like Kraft to “upcycle” their used packaging into useful items like tote bags and shower curtains. Or consider the streetwear apparel company, The Hundreds, and their new partnership with Disney to give the Lost Boys an urban makeover.  And just recently, I spoke to Jordan Goldman, the 26-year-old founder of,  who told me that he’s just landed a very sweet deal with The Wall Street Journal to create a new online brand called WSJ on Campus.

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