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Upstart! Brand Mophie Helps Save a Life in Haiti

Posted by Donna Fenn on 02/18/10 |

You may have already heard the amazing story of Haiti earthquake survivor Dan Woolley, who was buried under the rubble of the Hotel Montana for 65 hours with only his iPhone and an SLR camera as survival tools. But you may not know that this story has an Upstart connection. Woolley extended his iPhone’s battery life with a “Juice Pack” battery extender made by Mophie, a company that was founded in 2004 by Upstart Ben Kaufman, and then sold in 2007. Woolley used his iPhone’s Pocket First Aid and CPR app to make sure he was treating his wounds properly; he listened to his music when he was feeling discouraged; and he set his iPhone’s alarm to wake him up every twenty minutes when he feared he might go into shock. Without the battery extender, Woolley may well have been cursing his iPhone’s dismal battery life like the rest of us. No, the iPhone didn’t save his life (a French rescue team gets the credit for that) but it sure did give him some valuable support and comfort. Don’t know about you, but I’m springing for both the First Aid app ($3.99) and the Juice Pack.

Mophie, by the way, continues to make very cool accessories for the iPod and iPhone, and Kaufman’s new company, Quirky, a social product development company, is rocking it with a growing stable of innovative products.  You can check out the Mophie to Quirky evolution on this video.

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